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Chronicle of a collaboration part 1

Relais de Polignac, saffron producer in the Haute-Loire region, specialized in saffron and regional products, calls on a Chef to develop more "premium" products.

How to create upscale products compared to the existing offering?

To this question, we have provided an obvious answer : requiring a chef, a renowned expert in gastronomy, and artisanal craftmen for production and packaging.

We choose Chef Lorenzo Giannini for his creativity, and his knowledge of saffron.

Relais de Polignac will therefore deliver through its website, sophisticated recipes for consumers looking for new tastes.

Elaborating a co-branded product with a chef cannot accept improvisation : it required more than 6 months for the creation of recipes, which will be available at Relais de Polignac and through the website from September 2017.

Necessary steps for successful collaboration.

"Working jointly with a chef affects the quality of the product as well as its price. Nevertheless, the taste and quality is worth testing.".

Our collaboration with Chef Lorenzo, formerly of Maison Ducasse, is a long-term partnership, ... We used to work with him for Luxe Partners dinners at the Academy of Luxury and his dishes delighted our taste buds.

Chef Lorenzo is living most of the time in Palma de Mallorca where he’s teaching his art to novice and confirming chefs coming from all over the world in order to train them to “localize” French cuisine to local culinary flavors.

Working with saffron by creating new products ... here is is his personal challenge.

Once the chef is selected, here comes the recipe. The journey starts from scratch, with the only guidance of using saffron to Chef Lorenzo. Together, we have spent hours in the kitchen to create the recipes that will be marketed. Resulting recipes must differ from already existing offer.

Then comes the period of of constraints. Dishes from a kitchen never give the same result when done in laboratories. The chef is therefore generally requested to go to the sites, to ensure the quality of the delivery, and provide necessary tips for a tasty result.

Several tests are therefore developed, both to test the stage of cooking and to ensure the correct dosage of the seasoning. Again, we agreed before going to the stage of the first series that are carried out, to the level of 100 to 150 units in general. These tests are tasted throughout the delivery chain with a focus to a final agreement ... allowing to launch the production on a large scale.

At Relais de Polignac, the result is eagerly awaited: Parmesan and saffron tiles, Madeleines lemon with saffron, saffron potimarron cream with saffron cream, Saffron lamb tagine with saffron semolina, Saffron salt mill, …

As many recipes that we will share on the blog of the Relay as the productions go out.

The last part occupies the marketing, for the realization of the packaging and the communication. Relais de Polignac will create a dedicated website focused on the partnership, accessible on the website :

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